10 Jul 2017

10 Jul 2017

Making a Career out of Moving Images


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Making a Career out of Moving Images

The dawning of the digital era has resulted in different fields of endeavor for artists. The term ‘starving artist’ is not relevant today, because there is a bigger than ever demand for good quality stock photographs, images and graphics to keep pace with online traffic each day. If you’re a visual artist, you might wish to contemplate a career in moving image production. This field is as demanding as it is fulfilling.

It is demanding because you will need to familiarise yourself with technologies that are suitable for creating moving images. The adaptation of CGI (computer generated images) to produce video footage and photos requires the mastery of numerous software technologies. The range of visual products requires the mastery of several of these technologies. This is because CGI involves the creation of dynamic, static, 3D or 2D images, which you can turn into video games, printed content, adverts, movies, simulators, and lots of other applications.

Due to the sheer quantity of content and images published on the web, the need for originality and innovation can not be overstated. If you’re an artist, this represents as an extremely challenging but worthy standard to meet. Being recognised by your peers, creating a viral and thought provoking piece, and inventing a visually appealing and emotionally engaging piece within a plethora of other images is an impressive accomplishment. Undoubtedly, this demanding project is something that a genuine artist would enjoy taking on.

CGI offers programmers and artists a completely new platform. In the same way that you need training to paint with watercolor and oil, CGI content creation requires painstaking accuracy in its’ planning and implementation. It is even more difficult as well, because creating sharp, clear photos is no longer an amazing feat. Modern smartphones can now produce good quality images. The work that goes into planning an appealing image and the process of creating it demands a great deal of originality. Furthermore, new technologies are being developed all the time, so CGI developers can not rest on their laurels and have to keep abreast of new software to remain competitive.

The advanced digital era has increased the complexity of photography and content production, which in turn has raised the standard of work being created. Suffice to say, this sector is both artistically and financially rewarding. If you’re someone who likes the challenge of always rewriting the rulebook, this profession may be right for you.

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