6 Aug 2017

6 Aug 2017

Husban Quadcopter H502s X4 with Gps Technology


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Husban Quadcopter H502s X4 with Gps Technology

FPV drones are the best invention by technology. Technology has paved our ways to live a better life. Newer and newer drones every week in the market have left people in trouble to select the best for them. This article will help you up to some sort about a drone by Husban. Have a look below.

Husban H502S x4:

Here is a quadcopter by HUsban H502S x4. Quadcopter basically means a drone with four rotors. Husban H502S 4x is is a FPV quadcopter and is amazingly consists of camera for capturing your prefect moments. Contains 4.3 inches LCD display to keep you updated about its surroundings. It contains GPS system too. Have a look on its specifications, pros as well as cons.


  • It is offering its best frequency of about 2.4GHz.
  • Its time of flight is beyond your imagination which is approximately 12 to 13 minutes.
  • Its battery takes 30 to 40 minutes to charge completely.
  • LED lights with covered areas are good indicator.
  • Rubber feet are good to use.
  • Its weight is not much, it is 146 grams.
  • Dimensions are 165x165x60mm.
  • 610mAh Lipo battery is only 35 grams.
  • 720 HD camera is designed for taking best shoots of nature.
  • Its reliable GPS system is compatible to locate your original position of LCD display.
  • Will cost you only 137.99$.


  • Appearance will attract you.
  • Dynamics turns.
  • Headless mode as well as GPS system.
  • A lot of good qualities comes in a good package.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Camera is too ugly to take clear photos.
  • Installation is a big mess.
  • Controlling quality is so bad.

Husban quadcopter:

Husban is an online wholesale company, which is selling good and quality quadcopters for your kids. You will never find a store by Husban in USA. It is only providing you services online by taking your orders and delivering them by shipping. Quadcopters by Husban have brushed as well as brushless motors. Husban Quadcopters shows good facility of flying and have good flight distance. Operating system is beyond your imagination. Most of the quadcopters by Husban have camera in them for shooting views for you. Spare parts of these quadcopters are easy to find and will bother you.

The bottom line:

Time to wrap up my article, in my view drones by Husban are good and reasonable too. I will highly recommend this to my friends as these are much reliable and highly durable. Best thing about them is that they have headless mode and GPS system which all drone manufacturing companies are not offering.