25 Oct 2017

25 Oct 2017

8 Benefits of Cloud Telephony Software


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8 Benefits of Cloud Telephony Software

The modernisation of the traditional telephonic system has resulted in the advent of Cloud telephony software. Cloud telephony refers to the virtually hosted telephone system. It is a technology that moves your business phone system to Cloud. It helps you link your entire team to a single phone number.

Cloud computing software is packed with various advantages. Few are stated below.

Easy installation:

Cloud telephony comes with easy installation process. Setting a landline number for office is time-taking and it requires you to fulfill various feasibility test, payment collection,wiring and then comes the installation. This whole process is tiresome and a lot of time is consumed in this. Whereas this is not the case with cloud telephony. There are a number of companies present in the market which provides you cloud telephony software easily and fastly with just a call. You just need to contact one of them and their executives in no time will be there to assist you.

Cost effective:

Cloud telephony software are available in the market at a very nominal cost. Cloud telephony is great value for money. Cloud telephony opens the opportunity for fast and smooth communication at the lowest possible cost. It reduce the hardware cost as it not require PBX(private branch exchange) and copper wire in your walls or cable ducts. You just need a router and the cloud telephony software is ready for use, making you pay only for the number of users on the system.

The cost-free communication provided by it between your offices, departments and sites helps serves as a boon to the resources of business.


Many a times it does happen that the telephone system stops working due to roads being dug, wires being laid and even due to bad weather. But with cloud telephony software there is minimum downtime. If something goes wrong with your system the cloud telephony provider is always ready with backup giving you the power to connect to your customers uninterruptedly. If you are a company providing phone support to your customers cloud telephony software are the best option you can look forward to.

Even if the backup does not work, many of the problems can be fixed remotely without wasting any extra time/money. You do not need to wait for the service provider to visit your workplace and fix the problem. You just need to contact your cloud telephony provider and they will take care of the problem from their end sitting in their offices.

Keeping pace with globalisation:

It does happen that you have your offices scattered at various places on the globe. May be in different cities of the same country or different countries altogether. This makes smooth telecommunication a bit tiresome and costly, as you need to maintain multiple phone systems and contracts. Relax! Cloud telephony comes forward to help you. With cloud telephony it is possible to have one system and cost across multiple locations.

Scalability with business:

Cloud telephony comes with the option of scalability with the business. As and when you add/ remove an office you just need to add/ remove Cloud telephony to that location. You just need to contact the cloud telephony service provider and they do the needful for you. And just with few mouse clicks and you are ready to use new extensions.

Tracking of data:

Cloud telephony supports the recording of calls related data securely for future reference with less effort, money and time. It tracks and records all the calls and SMSs. These records can be retrieved whenever needed and can be utilised for future reference. A track can be kept on various aspects such as the number of calls attended, missed call(if any), the executive who attended the call and so on.

Reckon reptation:

Satisfied customers always are an asset to the business. Cloud telephony software helps to maintain honourable goodwill within customers by providing various services to them. It makes you 24X7 available to customers reducing the chances of missed call/ call drop. Its ability to allow you to pick phone calls even if you are not in the office premises assures your customers that you will always attend to their calls no matter whenever they call. All this results in better customer satisfaction.

Further you can also send IVR greeting to customers to delight them. You can gather feedback from your customers after every conversation and this feedback can be utilised to further improve your services to them. Sending of SMS after each call is also possible

Access to latest technology with expert advice:

For any business organisation expert advice is always sorted for ripping the best out of available resources. For many business organisations it become difficult to hire expert professionals for telecommunication infrastructure. Cloud telephony service providers come forward to help you with the expert advice your business always sorted for. They have expert professionals helping you to help you make the best out of your telecommunication technology.

The cloud telephony software provide you with the latest updates for your system which is automatically done. You do not have to keep a track of the technology and keep updating your system every time.

It can be rightly concluded that cloud telephony software are the most smartest and trendiest way to manage all the business calls most efficiently at the least cost. Many business organisations getting impressed by the various benefits of cloud telephony are changing their old phone systems to the new cloud telephony system. Now it is your turn to do so. Get going. Get started. And you will be astonished by the various advantages cloud computing software brings to your business!!